Top Five Tuesday 3-27-18

Because sometimes I legit struggle coming up with ten things for Top Ten Tuesdays. So I’m trying out Bionic Book Worm‘s Top 5!

So, for this week, it’s the Top Five Characters Who Would Win Survivor. As I only vaguely remember watching the very first season, I think the gist is legit, who would be the last person standing.

5) Katniss Everdeen.

Homegirl legit survived in what’s left of West Virginia on her own even before the Hunger Games started. Every sacrifice she made, it was for survival, so obviously, she’s a contender.

4) Percy Jackson

The kid is literally a demi-god. I think he’d do just fine on an island!

3) Lyra Belacqua

Anyone with the name Silvertongue obviously has a fighting chance.

2) Ronan Lynch

Obviously one of my favorite murderous babies would be on this list. Plus, he can dream up anything he needs to survive.

1) Inej Ghafa

My girl. My precious angel child. I can 100% see her as the last woman standing on Survivor, and being grumpy because no one else was challenging.


So what do you think? Anyone you would argue against?


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