T10T: Top Ten OTPs

I got this from That Artsy Reader Girl, who took up the mantle for Top 10 Tuesday! Be sure to check out her page!This is my first ever Top Ten Tuesday, so I’m pretty excited to share some of my ultimate OTPs and BrOTPs (because I am HERE for platonic love, y’all).

Number One

Lirael and Nick Sayre from The Abhorsen Chronicles/Old Kingdom series. I know there’s been some discussion about Lirael being ace (which I can sorta see, if not grey ace/demisexual), but I just adore all of their scenes together. Nick’s natural curiosity and skepticism about the Old Kingdom is just such a great counter to Lirael’s role as a Remembrancer, Abhorsen-in-Waiting, and librarian. If they’re not canonically an OTP, they’re the best BrOTP.

Number Two

Jesper Fahey and Wylan van Eck from Six of Crows. Give me all of the smartass characters loving and protecting cinnamon rolls, okay? They’re so freakin adorable and awkward and shy and Jesper is my favorite forever and always.

Number Three

To go along with the above OTP, Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows. They’re so perfect for each other, and Inej is one of my favorite strong females ever. In case you couldn’t tell, Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom is one of my favorite duologies (if not my only favorite duology?) of all time.

Number Four

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black from Harry Potter. Now, originally, I was not a DogStar shipper. But it took honestly very little convincing for me to be 100% here for it. I love the idea of Remus being bi and Sirius being pan, and loving the idea that Remus loves Tonks just as much as Sirius (because let’s be real, people can have multiple soulmates in their life). Plus, we need more gay wizards.

Number Five

Morrigan and Feyre in A Court of Mist and Fury/A Court of Wings and Ruin. This is such a BrOTP for me. I love seeing them interact. Feyre might not be my favorite main character, but seeing her and Mor goof off and giggle over the dumbest jokes, she becomes such a vibrant character to me.

Number Six

Kell and Lila Bard from Shades of Magic. They’re one of those great pairings that’s both an OTP and a BrOTP. I’m not 100% done with the trilogy, but just in A Darker Shade of Magic alone, they’re so much fun to read together.

Number Seven

Paige and Warden in The Bone Season. Another trope that I am 100% in love with is a creature that doesn’t understand human emotions falling in love with a human. And Warden is one of those weirdly attractive creatures. And I’m here for it.

Number Eight

Karou and Zuzana in Daughter of Smoke and Bone. This is seriously my favorite trilogy, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over how amazing Karou and Zuzana’s friendship is. They remind me so much of me and my best friend from middle school (we’re still best friends to this day, sixteen years later). And how they’re so willing to sacrifice for one another…man. BtOTP goals!

Number Nine

Sam and Lirael from Abhorsen Chronicles. (Clearly, I am not above repeating series or characters.) Originally, when reading the series, it was really tempting to pair them up as an OTP. But then shit gets REAL WEIRD and they’re just such great friends (true, they were sorta forced to trust/like each other, but that certainly makes everything way easier when trying to save the world). Plus, the Disreputable Dog likes Sam, and much like real dogs, if a dog likes someone, they must be good people.

Number Ten

Finally…Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. I know, I know! I can hear the shrill cries now of how she should’ve been with Harry. But hear me out on this. I love when opposites attract. I love when the brain and the comic relief get together. I 100% believe that Hermione found Ron charming after dealing with him just being a doofus for years. And I 100% believe that Ron realized how valuable and amazing Hermione is not too terribly long after the effects of the love potion wearing off.


So, who are your OTPs/BrOTPs? Do you agree with some of my headcanons?

Tell me somethin!

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