Library Loot Wednesday: 11-20-19

So it’s been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve posted anything (sorry!) and even longer since I’ve done any kind of a tag. So I’m bringin back one of my faves: Library Loot Wednesday! The basic premise is, post up what you’ve got currently checked out (even ebooks and eaudio!), and see where you are next week! (This mostly started as a way to hold myself accountable when I had like, thirty books out at a time.)

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Top Five Tuesday (on a Monday): Books on My Wishlist

Holy crap, are we really almost to the end of the year?! Time’s really been FLYIN’ by! Since it’s almost Christmas, why not share of of the books I’d LOVE to dive into next Tuesday afternoon (after opening presents and eating lunch, that is!)(Although, I will say, some of these are early 2019 releases I’ve already preordered, so patience is something I’ll totally be working on.) This meme comes from Bionic Book Worm, be sure to check her out!

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