Review of The Trip

Meghan is a senior in high school. For her senior summer, she’s planned the journey of a lifetime with her two friends: they will take a cross-country bicycle trip from their small Massachusetts hometown to Seattle, Washington.

Joining Meghan on the trip are Dave, who secretly has a crush on Meghan; and Chris, who has recently been diagnosed HIV positive as the result of a bad decision. 

As they plan their journey, a previously unidentified flu breaks out in India, beginning a relentless march around the globe. By the time Meghan and her friends are halfway across the country, the horrible truth is known: this is not a flu virus. This disease turns its victims into flesh-eating zombies. And it’s here.

Scared, exhausted and alone, the three decide to head home in a desperate race through infected territory. Can they survive THE TRIP? Continue reading “Review of The Trip”

In Which I Do A Thing: #TheReadingQuest

SO! It’s been a minute since I posted anything (real life sucks, never join the real world, kids). And, since I was kinda sorta booted from my DnD campaign, I suddenly have so much more free time! There’s this awesome challenge taking place over on Goodreads called #TheReadingQuest and it combines the great fun of following a quest in an RPG and reading some pretty awesome books!

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