Library Loot Wednesday: 7/11/18

So, since I’m a librarian, I should probably share my ridiculous list of library books with you! And see if I knock any of those books out before next week…

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On Audiobooks: How I Make My Commutes More Fun

I used to be super against audiobooks. True, I owned the first four Harry Potter books on cassette (aw yiss, early 2000s technology), but that was just because I felt like I *needed* to own them. I think we gave up on books five through seven, which was fine, because as much as I loved the narration, it was far too slow for me. I don’t speed read on purpose, that’s just…how my brain works. I felt like audiobooks were cheating.

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Briefly on Hiatus!

Hey, all! I’m on a brief lil hiatus until probably January, once all the holiday madness dies down!


We’ll see how much of my December TBR gets read! So far I’ve finished one book (Siege and Storm) and I’m a third through two others (Wild Beauty and Shatter Me). I’ll definitely be posting thoughts on those two later because I do have A LOT of feelings about both of them. Maybe I’ll do a mini-review post on everything I actually get read this month!


How are your TBR lists going so far?

right, so

I got hired at the station I was doing my internship at. Which is pretty awesome. The only downside is having super irregular hours. Some weeks I’ll have like, three things going on and others I’ll have one board op job.

Oh, and I graduated! I officially have a bachelors degree. Well, I don’t have the actual degree yet. But still. I crossed the stage. I accomplished something neither of my parents did. And I’m proud of myself for that, even if no one else is. Continue reading “right, so”