You’re Stronger Than You Think: A Review of We Could Be Heroes

Jamie woke up two years ago in an empty apartment with no memory and only a few clues to who he might be, and also with the power to read other people’s memories. In the meantime, he’s become the Mind Robber, holding up banks for quick cash. Similarly, Zoe is searching for her past, and using her new extraordinary abilities of speed and strength…to deliver fast food. And occasionally beat up bad guys, if she feels like it.

When the two meet in a memory-loss support group, they realize they are each other’s best chance at discovering what happened to them. The quest will take them deep into a medical conspiracy that is threatening to spill out and wreak havoc on their city, and maybe the country. As the two get past their respective barriers, they’ll realize that their friendship is the thing that gives them the greatest power.

I’ve discovered something about myself when reading this book: I adore mundane superhero life. Truly. Like I think the reason Mystery Men is such a big part of my brain is because of how they were just every day, normal people, thrust headfirst into a baaaaaad situation. And that’s why I absolutely loved this book.

We open with Jamie, the Mind Robber, well…robbing a bank. But a big one. Because they’re insured, so he’s not directly stealing from individual people. But then one of the bank tellers has a heart attack, and hits her head. Enter Throwing Star, or Zoe Wong, the ultimate DoorDasher. She’s super fast and super strong. She can fly. And she has no idea who the hell she is. She just knows she has to help people. When she crosses paths with Jamie, the lives they’ve both lived for two years start to twist into something beyond what they ever could have expected.

I’ll admit, I did have a few issues with some moments (nothing major, just parts that seemed slow or worded weirdly), but the rest of the time, I was having so much fun, it was easy to overlook those issues.

An original take on the superhero story, I give We Could Be Heroes 3.5 out of 5 cups of coffee. Thank you to Harlequin for providing a copy in exchange for review!

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