You Messed With the Wrong Girl: A Review of Foul is Fair

42595554Elle and her friends Mads, Jenny, and Summer rule their glittering LA circle. Untouchable, they have the kind of power other girls only dream of. Every party is theirs and the world is at their feet. Until the night of Elle’s sweet sixteen, when they crash a St. Andrew’s Prep party. The night the golden boys choose Elle as their next target.

They picked the wrong girl.

Sworn to vengeance, Elle transfers to St. Andrew’s. She plots to destroy each boy, one by one. She’ll take their power, their lives, and their control of the prep school’s hierarchy. And she and her coven have the perfect way in: a boy named Mack, whose ambition could turn deadly.

It took me a little while to figure out how I feel about this story. On one hand, I am here for revenge and girl power. But on the other hand, I wasn’t prepared for the level of camp in this book. So that was a slight factor for me, but if I’m prepared for campy goodness, I love it!

This is very reminiscent of Heathers, but there’s obviously a whole lot more, uh, rape culture in this one. Elle, well…Jade, seeks revenge on the lacrosse boys who spiked her drink. Much like in the original story of Macbeth, she has her coven to aid in setting the boys on a course of self-destruction that they won’t see until the end.

On one hand, hell yes to seeing rapists get what they deserve, and yes to Jade being the one to do the work. But the rest of the girls in the book…almost feel like archetypes? Take Piper, for instance. She’s ruthless, carries a fencing foil with her every day, and is just so…annoyingly catty. But Liliana, the former queen of St. Andrew’s, is so close to being something absolutely wonderful and terrible, but falls a bit short.

There’s some rep in the book, as Jade is (I think) Indian, Summer and Jenny are queer, and Mads, lovely Mads, is trans. But I feel like we don’t really get a true grasp of these characters, even Jade. I even forgot she wasn’t white.

I think this would be an amazing film, but it fell a bit short as a book for me. I give Foul is Fair 4 out of 5 crows. 

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