Top Five Tuesday: Ten Faves!

This meme comes from Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!

So I’m sure Shanah meant top ten favorite books, but uh, let’s be real here, that’s impossible for me. So I’m going through my top ten favorite authors! (These are in no real particular order, as that would be like asking me to pick a favorite animal.)

10) Stephen King

I used to be terrified of King’s work as a kid. Like I’d want to read horror, then I’d see one of the covers for his books, and I’d immediately go back to I Am Morgan le Fay. So for me to count him as one of my all-time favorites, that’s showing some mega personal growth on my part, and shows how great of a writer he is. (Seriously, his On Writing is one of my top craft reads.)

9) Joe Hill

See above. But really though, Hill’s work is a whole different beast from his father’s, and Horns is one of my favorite books.

8) Grady Hendrix

There’s something about how Hendrix writes his women that makes me so emotional. He writes them as flawed, yes, but with good hearts. He writes them as human, not like talking tits. And that makes me absolutely adore his work. Even if it does give me nightmares while camping.

7) Jay Kristoff

Another man who writes women as actual people! A concept.

6) Victoria/V.E. Schwab

As someone with anxiety and nerves and wanting so much to enter the world of writing, V always shares what it’s truly like to live the life of an author. She’s created some of my favorite characters, and some of my favorite worlds.

5) Samantha Shannon

I have to constantly remind myself that Samantha and I are really close in age, because The Bone Season books? Mind-blowing. I was listening to her interview on 88 Cups of Tea recently, and I am just in awe of how her mind works.

4) Leigh Bardugo

Look, I yell about Six of Crows to everyone I know, because I love such vulnerable characters doing what it takes to survive.

3) Chuck Palahniuk

My first Palahniuk book was Diary for a project in AP English my junior year. The project ended up changing, as I read Fight Club and knew then that I was done for. I think I have all of his books, and a couple of signed editions. And I saw him do a talk for Tell All in college. So. Yes. I do love him.

2) R.F. Kuang

Another book I yell about a lot is The Poppy War. It’s brutal, yes, but it’s also powerful and intense and just so well written. I’m about to dive in to The Dragon Republic, and I’m gonna end up crying, it’s fine.

1) Seanan McGuire

I adore every single book, short story, novella…you name it, if Seanan’s name or nom de plume is on it, I’m reading it immediately.

6 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Ten Faves!

  1. I agree with you on so many of your picks! Seanan McGuire is amazing. I haven’t yet read anything by her but I follow her on tumblr and it’s the most hilarious thing ever.

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