Top 5 Tuesday: Magical Creatures

This weekly meme comes from Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!

Spring means all the critters are waking up and coming out of their hidey holes, but I want to see these five in the real world!

5) Mermaids

I actually don’t like the ocean at all, but I love stories featuring mermaids as actual murderous babes!

4) Hippogriffs

Blame Buckbeak, but these are such fun mythological beauties. (And yes, I do love the meme that talks about pigeon-rat hippogriffs in cities, I would be terrified at first but would probably try to keep one as a pet.)

3) Phoenix

I honestly adored fire chickens even before Harry Potter featured one (I was a mythology nerd, okay)

2) Unicorns

Everyone loves a good unicorn, plus Twilight Sparkle is my pony, so…

1) Dragons

I! Love! Dragons! I love them so much. I’m so glad that we’re getting even more good good dragon-based fantasy (hellooooo, Priory of the Orange Tree!) and I just…dragons, okay?

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