A to Z Book Tag

I got this tag from Destiny over at Howling Libraries, and it was originally created by The Perpetual Page Turner.

a | author you’ve read the most books from:

According to Goodreads, Neil Gaiman apparently owns my heart and soul. Which…yeah, that’s fair. Stephen King is also up there, and Leigh Bardugo and Holly Black are tied!

b | best sequel ever:

Crooked Kingdom is by far one of my favorite books!

c | currently reading:

Check out last week’s post (Library Loot Wednesday)! Yes, I do tend to read about 18 books at any given time.

d | drink of choice while reading:

I will drink anything. Like I’ve legit gone to the brewery next door to my favorite venue/occasional workplace and had a beer while reading. I’ll drink straight up coffee, or tea, or chug from a water bottle.

e | e-reader or physical book:

I like both! I know reading from the Kindle app on my phone is definitely killing my eyesight more. But it’s hard to lug around 800+ page books to work…

f | fictional character you would’ve dated in high school:

Hoo. Kaz Brekker, Park Sheridan…those are the main two who come to mind.

g | glad you gave this book a chance:

Graceling. I started it in grad school for class and never finished the first chapter, and now I think it’s one of my favorite books!

h | hidden gem book:

The entire Abhorsen Chronicles series. I will yell about Lirael till the cows come home.

i | important moment in your reading life:

Probably my first “midnight release”. Goblet of Fire came out on the night we drove back from my grandparents’ house in Atlanta, we stopped at Wal-Mart, I ran in, grabbed it as they were putting it out, and immediately started reading. What a lovely, weird small babychild I was.

j | just finished:

Some Girls Bind by Rory James and Daughters of Darkness by L.J. Smith.

k | kind of books you won’t read:

I tend to avoid romance? Not because there’s necessarily anything truly wrong with the genre, I just…never bothered?

l | longest book you’ve read:

Under the Dome by Stephen King. 1074 pages. I read it in 28 hours…oh my god. I didn’t know I read that much that fast!!

m | major book hangover because of:

I think The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang. Mostly because of how intense it is. It’s the same kind of hangover I got from watching exactly one episode of The Handmaid’s Tale.

n | number of bookcases you own:

Uh. Zero? Mostly because I have no room for them, sooooo the books live in stacks and piles.

o | one book you’ve read multiple times

East of Eden by Steinbeck.

p | preferred place to read:

Literally anywhere.

q | quote that inspires you/gave you all the feels from a book:

r | reading regret:

That I believed the hype about the Shatter Me books. And/or only reading Harry Potter for a very long period of time.

s | series you’ve started and need to finish (all books are out):

Shades of Magic…

t | three of your all time favorite books:

NO. Okay. Uhhh…Six of Crows, Vicious, annnnnd ‘Salem’s Lot

u | unapologetic fangirl for:

A tie between T.A. Barron and Garth Nix.

v | very excited for this release:

King of Scars! It’s SO SOON!

w | worst bookish habits:

Constantly renewing my books from work and forgetting to read them.

x | x marks the spot! start at the top left of your bookshelf and pick the 27th book:

Y’all get the 27th book on my Kindle: The Manic Pixie Dream Boy Improvement Project. Oooh I need to start that one!!

y | your latest book purchase:

I was bad and bought Slayer and The Disasters when I was low on money…

z | zzz-snatcher book—last book that kept you up way too late:

Ooh. I think it was honestly We Sold Our Souls. Even though I read it all at a metal festival I was working, it kept me up late at night thinking about how damn good it is.

One thought on “A to Z Book Tag

  1. We Sold Our Souls has one of the most terrifying claustrophobia-inducing scenes. I seriously felt like I too was stuck in some drainage pipes. I still get the shivers just thinking about it.

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