INEJ GHAFA (A Kickass Who’d Have Your Back)

This prompt/meme comes from Dani at Perspective of a Writer. She’s changed up her I  ♥ Characters tag, so be sure to check it out!

Inej Ghafa. The Wraith. Kaz Brekker’s main spy. And the girl who will stop at nothing to reunite with her family.

Image result for inej ghafa
Art by Stephanie Brown

She’s an absolute badass, and I’d argue that she’s the mama bear of the Dregs. She’s the one who stays quiet, but will 110% call you out on your shit if you’re wrong about something. And she will always, always, always have your back.

Even when faced with death or going back to The Menagerie, she’ll stand by the rest of the Dregs. But she still stands by her own beliefs (which makes her even more of a badass in my book).

She never once loses her faith. She often ponders about the lives she takes in the name of gaining her freedom so she can reunite with her family. She’s introspective without being cold or cruel. She cares so much about people, and I think that’s part of why she stays with Kaz. Yes, he bought out her contract. But don’t you think that she could have killed him and ran at any given time?

The way she bonds with Nina and looks out for Wylan…it’s more about her emotional depth of badassery.

Lest we forget, she’s an acrobat! She’s silent! To quote the book, “He’d heard the other members of the gang say she moved like a cat, but he suspected cats would sit attentively at her feet to learn her methods.” How much more of a BAMF could she be? Oh right…she names her knives after saints.

8 thoughts on “INEJ GHAFA (A Kickass Who’d Have Your Back)

      1. I keep hearing about it! And I need to make the time for it. But I’m a little wary cause Daughter of Smoke and Bone was disappointing, and it sounds like the same vein.

  1. She really seems badass! And I would love her moves I bet my kids would never hear me LOL

  2. Hahahha I LOVE this Ley!! I love how you talk about her stealthy moves and that cats can learn from her!! I love your point about her being able to leave Kaz at any time if she’d wanted to… that is so, so true. ❤️

  3. *nods* yep, that’s our Inej right there. I cannot express how happy it makes me to have this character exist. She isn’t just a badass physically, she is intelligent, she’s thoughtful, she has her faith, she cultivates friendships with the rest of the gang, and she doesn’t settle. She’s amazing <3<3<3

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