The Time I Realized Reading Challenges Aren’t For Me

Growing up, I was always the kid who finished reading first. I was a speed reader, and could tell you exactly where on a page a phrase would be. And as I’ve gotten older (I feel ancient, I swear), my attention span has all but disappeared.

Enter: reading challenges!

I signed up to take part in a MASSIVE, hardcore reading challenge on Goodreads. I thought it would make me devote time to reading, that I’d get shit done.

I was totally wrong. It stressed me out. I was getting anxious about making sure I powered through at least 200 pages a day. I was getting so burned out on reading that I was purposefully finding ways to not read.

Do you know how hard that is as a librarian?! I was watching trash tv that I’d never bothered to sit down for before. (Don’t get me wrong, librarians never have time to read at work. Ever. I’m honestly staring down this mountain of books to weed as I write this.)

But now I’m trying to figure out: was it the challenges making me feel exhausted? Was it the timing, as I’ve hit the most chaotic time of the year for myself? Or was it just not enjoying feeling like I had to read?

Honestly, I think it was a combination of all three for me.

Do you do reading challenges? Or do you just go with your own flow?

3 thoughts on “The Time I Realized Reading Challenges Aren’t For Me

  1. That’s why I lowered my Goodreads Challenge. I decided I’m going to try to read 2 books a month and 5 audiobooks throughout the year. This took away the stressed for me and now I read a lot more but enjoying it. This helps me not to feel guilty and dread reading. I actually have a post on my blog about how reading has turned into a competition. Not so much shameless promo but I think it goes along well with this post.

    1. For sure! I purposefully set my Goodreads goal lower, mostly so I can do a happy dance when I see like, 200% completed or something like that. But as far as following actual themes and prompts, that’s where I was truly struggling! I’ll go read your post about it, too!

      1. I didn’t give myself themes and prompts but I think I might give myself some for next year. I’m thinking of few but haven’t decided yet.

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