KAZ BREKKER ( Tsundere Hot-n-Cold Lover-I Heart Characters)

I’m trying something new from Dani at Perspective of a Writer. The idea behind this meme is to focus on specific characters!

From Dani: “This is a manga/anime term, but can be applied to any character who is strong-willed but melts inside when faced with the ONE.” And who else fits this besides Dirtyhands himself, my main man, Kaz Brekker?

Kaz has only two weaknesses: human contact, and Inej Ghafa. The first would involve some spoilers, so I won’t go into it. But Inej. Inej is his heart outside his body, and holy moly, it’s the best slow burn I’ve ever read.

I sadly don’t know who drew this, as it came from Pinterest.
I mean, look at him! He just oozes cold confidence. And then Inej enters a room and he’s just goo. It’s so damn cute and sweet. He even pulls some of hist dirtiest work to help her out, because he just…argh.

I truly cannot think of another character (in any canon, anyway) who can be so strong willed and calculating and still be honestly the biggest softie.

Who’s your tsundere love?

2 thoughts on “KAZ BREKKER ( Tsundere Hot-n-Cold Lover-I Heart Characters)

  1. Awww I love reading such fangirling! ❤ YAY!! Welcome to the I Heart Characters Meme Ley!! What a great week you decided to participate… I was thinking that Kaz would make a great book character for this week too as I’ve read so much about him I feel like he’s a real character I know. And I LOVE that fanart! The artist totally captured that cool confidence to me too! 😀

    I can’t manually add you to the link up because I don’t have your email from a previous linkup or a comment on my blog… so feel free to add yourself! Giiiii, I’m so happy to learn this was an inspiring prompt to you.

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