When Spice Outweighs Sugar: A Review of Sweet Revenge

A weird lil tidbit about me: I actually went to school to be a pastry chef before I went to grad school to be a librarian. I dropped out after my first year, because good lord, the food scene is I N T E N S E in Western North Carolina! But, I did learn just enough to hold my own in a kitchen, and a whole heckin’ lot about flavor. After a particularly bad breakup, I read about Heather Kim’s Sweet Revenge, a book full of badass pastries pretty much designed for my situation. And holy crap, y’all. These recipes are DOPE.

I’m talkin’ carrot cake, fudge, a BUTTERFINGER CAKE(!!!!), and Flamin’ Hot Cheeto meringues. That’s right. Flamin’. Hot. Cheetos.

Seeing as my holidays have been batshit for a full month, I’ve yet to actually make anything out of this book, but the Butterfinger cake is enough to sell me on this.

And if you’re absolutely terrified of turning an oven on, fear not! Kim talks you through every step with sass, but not in a condescending manner. You’ll giggle while learning how to make some amazing brownies, and not be scared of taking the next step with your kitchen.

Thanks to BookishFirst for the awesome copy for review!!


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