Finally wrote up my idea for my pilot script!

It’s something kind of different. I just don’t have a title for it yet. But I’m really excited about writing it!


New Year’s Resolutions

Okay, so LitReactor (seriously one of my favorite websites ever for writing stuff, go check it out) posted an article about “13 Resolutions to Make You a Better, More Productive Writer”. And I think I’m going to make all 13 of them additional resolutions to the ones I’ve already made. But yeah, the link to the LitReactor post is here.

introduction, i guess?

hi! hello. i’m ley (pronounced like lee, but…prettier). i’m a broadcasting student at a college in the mountains. well. for now. see, i’m entering my last semester. meaning i have a grand total of two classes on campus. only one is a real class. the other is more of an exit seminar that all the seniors in my major have to take. oh, and i have an internship at a radio station (squee!). i know, i know. i sound kinda like every other broadcasting chick right now.

but i’m not. Continue reading “introduction, i guess?”